I feel like I’m the only one who’s not enjoying college. I can’t stand it. I’m dreading this weekend being over because I don’t want to go back.
I’m a full time student I took just enough credits to be one. I go to school Monday through Friday. I had no choice because I took Anatomy which in college is from 8:00am-1:40pm. Other than that, math. Pre Calc is 3 hours long. I don’t think a person is capable of paying attention, especially in math for 3 hours.
Furthermore, I’m overwhelmed. My college changed their policy so now their is no “late registration.” Meaning I can’t drop a class and choose a different one. But if I did just drop a class I wouldn’t be a full time student and run the possibility of not finishing in two years.
College is nothing like highschool. Whomever told you, you didn’t get homework in college lied.
On top of all that, I have a job which is understaffed. This week I’ve worked 4 days. Full time student, job and making time to see my boyfriend is the worst mix I could get.


Not enough is done or known about mental disorders


It took doctors 8 years to finally diagnose me with depression & anxiety then a further year to do anything about it and do you know what the most common thing said to me is?

"You don’t seem depressed/anxious you seem like a happy bubbly person!"

Exactly how Robin Williams came across and…


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